Meet the Doctor

Kathryn Brown


Dr. Kathryn Brown is the owner of Brown Chiropractic Clinic since August 2000. A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she’s a passionate advocate for natural healthcare. Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Dr. Brown earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Mt. Mercy College. Her interest in healthcare led her to Palmer College of Chiropractic, where she discovered her true calling. Dr. Brown is a strong advocate for natural remedies. Her journey as a chiropractor aligns perfectly with her belief in holistic wellness.

For Dr. Brown, every day at her clinic is fulfilling. She helps her patients return to health naturally, focusing on the body’s ability to heal itself. She believes that chiropractic care, just like conventional medicine, supports the body’s innate healing processes.

Dr. Brown treasures her family, especially her nieces and nephews. She values spending time with family and friends, and when she’s not working or with loved ones, you’ll find her enjoying her yard, tending to her garden, and caring for her flower beds.